Hybrid project consisting of a website, a construction set, a workshop, and an exhibition.

Our world is a world of pictures, more and more it is a world of videos. The Internet mirrors and designs this world- in its unofficial centre YouTube. Television and cinema turn people into passive observers. YouTube offers more, and YouPrompt goes one step further by asking you to get involved with the contributions more intensively. A phenomenon standing out in anthropological research on YouTube is the counterfeiting of videos. YouPrompt takes up this trend and accords it a new face through an independent platform.

By use of adept tools such as an archive of transcribed videos, an online software, and a teleprompter construction set YouPrompt supports the counterfeiting of YouTube-Videos. To meet this challenge the participator chooses a figure from the world of media or he selects a theme: a speech, an interview, a presentation. He grapples with the content of the video and interprets it anew. He thus reacts to an original video- an original that a subsequent viewer might already be familiar with. The interpreter takes the video in by taking on the role of “his” protagonist. YouPrompt concentrates mainly on speeches. The representation of authority and the acquirement of rhetoric through the means of the entertainment- and fun society serve as important impulses for a timely politicisation of “User Generated Content.”

© catrine val, 2019