Select a YouTube video that you want to re-enact. Choose an extract from your video between one and three minutes in length.

Write down the text! If you would like to jump this step you may choose a video from the YouPromt catalogue.

Choose your outfit: make-up, clothes, hairstyle or a wick, and adjust the background of the image. Mind the lighting!

The easiest way to record your video is using the YouTube’s „record from web cam“ function. To do so you have to open your own YouTube account. Alternatively you may record your video with any video camera.

You may use the YouPrompt Telepromter when recording. In many cases it is useful to hear the original sound of the video on headphones for practise. Just open the original video in a separate window.

Not only the text itself is important for your imitation. Do mind the rhythm and the pitch of the voice as well as the accompanying gestures.

Link your video to the original by inserting it as a video reply. However, not all YouTube videos support the insertion of video replies. In addition you may add the link to the original video by using YouTubes annotations tool.

Be active within the community!
Comment on other YouPromt- Videos in text and video replies  and rate them with stars. Create lists of favourites, friend, and so on.

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