This catalog is suitable as introduction into the project. The selection of videos gives an idea of which motives could inspire your YouPrompt video. Since the texts of the videos is available already transcribed You can immediately begin practicing and recording.

This software enables you to record your own YouPrompt videos by way of a few clicks with your mouse. You find the prepared videos under the menu „Speeches“.

Built your own teleprompter!

A teleprompter enables you to look directly at the camera while reading the text. Thus the YouPromt- DIY- TelePromter is a very useful tool for the re-enactment of YouTube- Videos. It is particularly helpful when the original video is in the style of a news-desks spokesman or spokeswoman – when text is spoken directly to the direction of the camera. The idea for this construction set is taken from Aram Bartholl’s blog comment: “Here is looking at you kid” (

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